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1 a 3 de outubro de 2019

Pro Magno - São Paulo/SP


Optimized application of microalloying in added value steel grades: flat and long products


Date: 30/09/19

Time: 9:00 – 18:00

Venue: ABM Headquarters (Rua Antonio Comparato, 218 – Campo Belo, São Paulo/SP)

Objective: Microalloying is a well stablished tool in the development of added value steel grades. As market opportunities and metallurgical knowledge are increasing, microalloying concept is extending to new grades and applications. In some cases, the main objective deals in achieving the required properties but in others, the driving force is related to cost effective solutions or to robustness in production. In this course, several aspects related to each main process step will be evaluated, including reheating prior to hot rolling, microstructure evolution during roughing and finishing and finally, phase transformation during cooling. Special attention will be focused on microstructural homogeneity. To implement all these aspects in real industrial conditions, practical examples of applications of MicroSim tool, for flat and long products, will be considered.


- Introduction

- Part I. Microstructure-Mechanical Properties Relationships
Relevant microstructural parameters (grain size, volume fraction, EBSD characterization)
Microstructure-mechanical properties relationships: strength and toughness

- Part II. Principles of Hot Working
Hot working: reheating, austenite evolution (recrystallization and grain growth)
Microalloying elements: solubility, size of precipitate
Austenite conditioning: role of microalloying elements (Nb, V, Ti)
Thermomechanical processing design: key factors to be considered
Phase transformation: role of austenite conditioning, chemistry and cooling strategy

- Part III. Examples of Thermomechanical Processes: MicroSim Applications
Flat products: Hot Strip Mill and Plate Mill
Long products: Sections, Bars and Rebars- Microsim

- Practical section with 4 computer with Microsim HSM and Bar Mill

Instructor: Jose M. Rodriguez Ibabe - full professor and senior researcher at Ceit-IK4 - Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Técnicas de Gipuzkoa (University of Navarra)

Doctor of Engineering from the University of Navarra (Spain). He joined Ceit Research Institute in 1984 as a researcher in Materials and Manufacturing Division. His field of research is the thermomechanical processing of steels, mainly focused on the interactions between mechanical property-microstructure-processing of metallic materials. He has published 120 papers in journals and near 220 contributions in national and international conferences, 6 books and has graduated 19 doctoral students. He has taken part, as a director or participant, in more than 90 R+D+i projects.

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