June 7 to 9, 2022

Pro Magno Convention Center - São Paulo/SP - Brazil

18th Meeting of Tools, Molds and Dies Chain

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Molds, Tools and Dies

. Special steels for the manufacturing of molds, tools and dies
. Machining, polishing and texturizing
. Heat and thermochemical treatments of tools and dies
. Special coatings for tools and dies
. Digital processing and management for tooling shops
. Additive manufacturing in tooling shops



Keynote Speakers: https://www.abmbrasil.com.br/eng/evento/abm-week-6-edicao/keynote-speakers-moldes

Round Table: https://www.abmbrasil.com.br/eng/evento/abm-week-6-edicao/mesa-redonda-moldando-o-futuro