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Select the Topic to which you want to submit your paper.

Download the Template and attend to the standards for paper submission.

The paper file must be in the Word format and should not exceed 10Mb.

If you are transmitting from a networked computer, consult your administrator to see if the system allows you to upload files via forms.


1) From this edition, for the knowledge areas “Forming” and “Melting, Refining and Solidification”, it will be mandatory to submit full paper in English. For all other areas of knowledge it is recommended that the full paper be submitted in English, as this allows a greater number of accesses and citations for the article published in ABM Proceedings and available on the Onemine digital platform, thus ennobling the publication and the curriculum of the authors.

2) For all knowledge areas the slides for oral presentation must be in English.

3) The oral presentation can be made in Portuguese, English or Spanish. It is recommended that at least the introduction and conclusions are presented in English.

4) There will be no simultaneous translation in the technical session rooms.

5) For the knowledge area “Undergraduate Research” , if the author choose one of the themes related to specific subjects (Logistics, Mining, etc.), his paper will be directed to the evaluation and formation of a grid for the respective event that deals with the selected subject, and may be presented in an Oral Session. Or the choice may be for the theme that automatically directs the paper to the poster session. In both cases the paper will be considered as part of Enemet.

6) The papers will be evaluated by specialists, checking also the compliance with the rules and the template. The evaluation is done according to pre-established criteria, and the best scorers will be able to compete for awards, obeying the specific rules.

7) Only approved papers, presented in a technical session and authorized by the authors may be able to be published in

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