Organized biennially by Deutsche Gesellschatf für Materialkunde (DGM) in Germany since 2008, the Congress Materials Science and Engineering - MSE is an event with worldwide resonance in the materials community.

Selected as an official event of the program "Germany + Brazil from 2013 to 2014", the Symposium Brazilian- German Science and Materials Engineering wil be held during the 69th ABM International Annual Congress and within Congress MSE 2014, offering to attendees a binational forum to discuss technical and scientific issues, exchange ideas an organize social activities, thus underlining the high level of cooperation between Brazil and Germany in the field of Materials Science and Engineering.

The MSE 2014 will create an atmosphere in wich new talent will have the chance to interact with professionals in the university, research and industry, and discover their skills, priorities and opportunities.

General coordinators
ABM - Fernando Cosme Rizzo Assunção - PUC-Rio
DGM - Pedro Dolabella Portella - BAM



Rua Frei Caneca, 569 - Consolação
01307-970 - São Paulo - São Paulo
Tel.: (55 11) 3472-2000

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Opening ceremony

The most modern concert room of Latin America.

                                                                   Photo credits: João Musa and AESEletropaulo

Opening Ceremony

Milton Nascimento

Brazilian singer and composer, recognized worldwide as one of the most influential and talented singers and composers of Brazilian popular music. He became nationally known when the song "Travessia", composed by him and Fernando Brant, ranked second in the International Song Festival, 1967. Received five Grammy Awards and in 1998 won the Grammy for Best World Music Album in 1997. She has performed in South America, North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.



Registration fee includes: 

a) Free access to all parallell events: 69th ABM Annual Congress; Pan American Materials
    Conference and Workshop on surface treatments of corrosion resistant alloys;
b) Free access to the exhbihtion area;
c) Free internet access;
d) Coffee point during all event;
e) Brunch for all event; 
f) Proceedings;
g) Program & abstract booklet;
h) Participation at the opening ceremony on July 21st, Monday;
i) Participation at the fellowship premium cocktail and dinner on July 23th  Wednesday;
j) Congress bag;
k) Medical care during the event.

Important notes:
. There will be simultaneous translation at the opening ceremony, plenary sessions and closing

. The status of ABM member is valid for the individual person category only;
. Employees of  ABM member companies will be entitled to an additional rebate of 10% over total
  registration fee;
. Senior attendee will be required, as previously mentioned, to submit a proof document regarding
   their age by fac-simile: (55 11) 5534-4330 to Margareth Nunes;
. Author registration is only applied to the presenter of the paper, co-authors are not included in this
. Professors, graduate students or post-graduate students will be required, as previously
  mentioned, to submit written proof of their status by fac-simile: (55 11) 5534-4330 to Margareth
Information about papers and registration
Phone: (55 11) 5534-4333 - Fax: (55 11) 5534-4330
Margareth Nunes - ext. 124 -

Information about sponsorship 
Phone: (55 11) 5534-4333 - Fax: (55 11) 5534-4330
Rosangela Ziliotte - ext. 118 - - Business Manager

Maria Lúcia de Araújo Castro - ext. 133 -
Marli Ferreira - ext. 175 -
Maximiliano Gerpe Méndez - ext. 155 -

General information 
Phone: (55 11) 5534-4333 - Fax: (55 11) 5534-4330
Erika Akashi - ext. 112 -



TAM Airlines will be the Official Airline of the TAM Airlines will be the Official Airline of the 1st Brazilian-German Symposium on Materials Science and Engineering and it will be offering air tickets with 25% discounts to participants through the Official Travel Agency OPCO.

* Prices are subject to seat availability and rules/restrictions from each fare type, and are valid for july 21st to 25th for the Brazil/São Paulo/Brazil.

* 10% discount on some special fares.


Hellen Rebelo -
Hugo Ramos -
Phone: (55 21) 2545-5748  - Fax:(55 21) 2235-7427



Citizens of certain countries may need visa to enter in Brazil.
Visa information and pratical tips
We highly recommend this process to be initiated early because of the enormous number of visas that will be requested for the World Cup.

Press office of Brazilian Metallurgical, Materials and Mining Association 
Responsible journalist: Maria Izilda Ferreira Bueno (Mtb 12.995)
Beatriz Amadei (Mtb. 46.053)
Fatma M. Thorlay Gomes (Mtb 10.738)
Phone: (55 11) 5534-4333 - Fax: (55 11) 5534-4330

ABM executive committee
President: Alfredo Huallem
Vice-president: Albano Chagas Vieira
Chairman of the board: Nelson Guedes de Alcântara
Asset director: Hideyuki Hariki
Executive director: Horacídio Leal Barbosa Filho

Arthur Pinto Chaves                         
Augusto Espeschit de Almeida           
Carlos Alberto Briganti                       
Carmine Sarao Neto                          
Danielli Soares Melo Gaiotti               
Frederico Ayres Lima                       
Hermenio Pinto Gonçalves                
Marcio Frazão Guimarães Lins         
Vânia Lucia de Lima Andrade
Marcos Alexandre Stuart Nogueira     
Oscar Acselrad                                 
Paulo Miranda Gonçalves                
Paulo Santos Assis                            
Romero Machado Correa                   
Sergio Leite de Andrade               

ABM Office São Paulo
Director: Luiz Henrique Campos de Lima Castro
Vice-director: Miguel Henrique Neves Furlaneto

Events manager: Reinaldo Nascimento
Events analysts: Erika Akashi and Margareth Nunes
Proceedings edition: Luciane Genzano Cruz e Mirian Chakkour Nunes

Held by:

São Paulo city!

Beautiful, wealthy, intellectual, inclusive, vibrant, sports-loving, cultural, sentimental, romantic, modern, sophisticated, self-confident and professional, São Paulo is all of these and more: no single adjective can accurately describe this world-renowned megacity.

Forged from a melting pot of nationalities, cultures, beliefs, philosophies and ideals, this huge and pioneering metropolis is truly cosmopolitan by vocation and choice. It's Italian, German, Jewish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, French, African, Arab, Spanish, Latino, Brazilian and Paulistano. These and so many other facets are reflected in the architecture of the buildings, the streets, the refined tastes of the city's culinary delights and in the styles and mannerisms of a people who never stop as they boldly create the city's history, day after day.

The grandeur of São Paulo is demonstrated in many ways. The city houses Latin America's largest number of hotel and health care facilities, and is also Brazil's cultural centre. It is considered one of the world's dining capitals, is recognized worldwide as a leading destination for major events, trade fairs and expositions, and is home to the country's finest academic centres and research institutes.

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